Our Team



Brenda Laskey has had the privilege of teaching social graces to thousands of students over the years. Brenda is a former flight attendant and has spent the last 25 years involved in children's activities thru the PTA and the School's Foundation Programs. Brenda has two grown children and one grandson and lives in East Cobb.

Renee Smith has joined the Dogwood Cotillion after many years of working with families in East Cobb and North Atlanta as the owner of Atlanta Wedding Events.  Her attention to details in the wedding industry has made her a true asset in teaching social skills to our youngest students. In addition to her experience in the social arena, Renee spent many years as a flight attendant.  After having children she became very active in the PTA, School Foundation, and church activities. Renee lives in East Cobb with her husband and has three grown children and seven grandchildren.

In addition to directing Dogwood Cotillion's grade level curriculum, Brenda also speaks and leads workshops for fraternities, sororities, Scout troops, non-profits and anyone interested in learning classic social skills and etiquette. Contact Brenda for more details.


The Dogwood Cotillion employs approximately 10 high school leaders each year. These are former students who have graduated from the program and want to come back and be a role model to the younger 5th through 8th grade students. They are carefully chosen and go through training before the sessions starts.  They are a range of different personality types so that every students can relate to at least one of the high school leaders.

Every class will have multiple male and female high school leaders to assist in the flow of the class.  They are trained in the curriculum and dance steps.  They are instrumental in the portion of the classes that discuss social media.  The students seem to be more engaged when the subject is delivered from the high school leaders.


Dogwood Cotillion welcomes any student from any school or homeschool program.  The schools that are listed on the website have at least one parent on our parent committee to help compile the list of students from that school who would like to attend.  Since we are not officially affiliated with the schools this must be done through parents - usually word-of-mouth.

We appreciate our parent committee for getting the word out to the parents. If you don't see your child's school listed on our website that does not mean your child cannot attend.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about inviting your school to attend Dogwood Cotillion.