Our History

Dogwood Cotillion was established in 1989 to provide a program for young people to have the opportunity to practice and develop social skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The skills learned through the cotillion program are invaluable to young people. They will use these skills when interacting with others socially through school, sports, work and family.

The word "cotillion" dates back to the 18th century. It was originally a very formal dance, frequently one in which girls of dating age called debutantes were presented into society. Over the years it has evolved to a much less formal event. Today’s Cotillion programs focus on timeless etiquette and social skills that are necessary in today’s fast paced world. Yes, there is still a dance component to most cotillion events but the focus is now more on the social skills necessary to thrive in our society today.

“It’s been a wonderful program!  [My son] said at breakfast this morning...”it’s going to be a great day today because I have PE and Cotillion!” Thank you for making it fun for the kiddos!"