Our Curriculum

Dogwood Cotillion is designed to build confidence and self-worth as our young students interact in a social environment. In an increasingly impersonal, digital world, our program encourages face-to-face interaction in a fun and comfortable setting. We teach life-long skills that are necessary for success in both personal and social settings and professional encounters. 

“What a wonderful experience!! ...I think what you gave our kids was a lot of “Cultural Intelligence”, especially for families like ours whose parents are immigrants and don’t know all the cultural aspects of this country. We feel so lucky to be part of a community that is helping our boys learn to respect girls/women and vice-versa. We will be back again next year.”

– Namita R. 

“Thank you for teaching them to show respect by standing especially during the national anthem.  It is important for them to hear this from people besides their parents. Hopefully we are raising a better generation than the ones now who just “don’t get it”.”