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Cate came home and said she “loved it” and that when she’s in high school, she hopes she can be one of the assistants. She really lit up when talking about it. Thank you for doing this!”


I love this subject matter, etiquette. I trained at the Washington School of Protocol in 1996, and loved my experience with Dorothea Johnson…it was more for personal enlightenment, as my parents were diplomats…I grew up abroad and had “daily training”…but as an adult, I wanted to see what someone other than my mother would say. Etiquette sure makes the world a nicer place, doesn’t it? Continue this lovely mission.”


I just wanted to thank you for a great program. This information is so important for the rest of their lives. As much as a parent tries to teach it all at home, nothing beats using it in real life. This is my second child to do cotillion. And my current 8th grader can’t wait for her next session to come!”


A Freshman at UGA

I’ve used so much that I learned in cotillion. Rush was a breeze and all the girls wanted to dance with me.”

A high school football coach

These students had an unbelievable amount of confidence as they introduced themselves to the coaches.” A high school football coach of a group of students who had recently finished the cotillion program.

Middle School Principal

I wish every student in my middle school would participate in this confidence building program to reinforce good manners.”