Table Manners
Social Graces
Proper Responses


Introductions are an important part of social skills

Introductions are an important part of social skills

Mission Statement


Our mission is to teach young people basic manners, respect, and responsibility while having a fun-filled class. Etiquette doesn’t have to be boring.  Basic ballroom dance can build self confidence in students while they are interacting with the opposite sex. Our goal is to prepare your children for the future and the social settings they will encounter.

What is The Dogwood Cotillion?

We are very proud to be celebrating 29 years of service to the youth of the Atlanta area.  The Dogwood Cotillion was established in 1989 to provide a program for young people to have the opportunity to practice and develop social skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The skills learned through the cotillion program are invaluable to young people. They will use these skills when interacting with others socially through school, sports, work and family.